PHMB hydrochloride


ポリアミノ プロピル ビグアニド

CAS Number: 32289-58-0; 27083-27-8;

PHMB hydrochloride; PHMB HCl;
PolyHexaMethylene Biguanide, hydrochloride;

Related Product:
CAS No.: 57028-96-3;
PHMG chloride (PolyHexaMethylene Guanidine, hydrochloride)


PHMB hydrochloride, a cationic broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, achieves bactericidal purpose by inhibiting cell membrane activity.

As a cell membrane active antimicrobial agent, PHMB inhibits bacterial activity better than that of fungi.
Antimicrobial mechanism is roughly as follows:
PHMB is a polymerized cationic compound, which is easily adsorbed by various types of bacteria that are usually negatively charged, thus inhibiting the division function of the bacteria and making the bacteria lose the ability to reproduce.

Technical Data:

PHMB 20% SolutionPHMB Solid
AppearanceColorless clear to slightly pale yellow liquidWhite to slight yellow hygroscopic powder
Turbidity [NTU]Max. 10
Solid component [%]19.0 to 21.0Min. 95.0
Density at 20℃ [g/ml]1.039 to 1.050
pH-Value at 25℃4 to 64 to 7
Absorbance value (1%, 237nm)Min. 400Min. 400
Absorbance ratio (237nm / 222nm)1.2 to 1.61.2 to 1.6
PHMB, CAS# 32289-58-0; 27083-27-8;

PHMB Features:
1. PHMB has the ability to inhibit Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi (many kinds of ringworm and mold) and yeast.
2. PHMB has rapid inhibitory effect on E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.
3. PHMB: LD50>5000mg/kg, HPMB is skin friendly, human and environment friendly.

Areas of application:
PHMB is widely used in oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, daily chemicals, textile printing and dyeing, swimming pool disinfection, flower antiseptic treatment, animal husbandry, aquaculture, agriculture, pet antibacterial, soil improvement, environmental disinfection, disinfection products, etc.
In aquaculture, PHMB can rapidly inhibit Gram-negative bacteria, floating Vibrio, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Vibrio algolyticus and other harmful bacteria in seawater, and has good preventive and therapeutic effects on various diseases caused by bacteria in South American white shrimp and other aquatic products.

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PHMB Chemical Formula:
1. CAS# 32289-58-0 (EC# 687-569-4; 608-723-9);
(C8H17N5·ClH)n; Poly(iminoimidocarbonyliminoimidocarbonyliminohexamethylene), hydrochloride;
2. CAS# 27083-27-8 (EC# 608-042-7);
Guanidine, N,N”’-1,6-hexanediylbis[N’-cyano-, polymer with1,6-hexanediamine, hydrochloride;
3. CAS# 91403-50-8 (EC# 618-745-0);
IUPAC names: Poly(hexamethylenbiguanid)-hydrochlorid

PHMB Chemical Name:
Poly(hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride;
Poly(iminocarbonimidoyliminocarbonimidoylimino-1,6-hexanediyl), hydrochloride;
Poly(hexamethylene diguanide) hydrochloride;
Poly[imino(carbonimidoyl)imino(carbonimidoyl)iminohexane-1,6-diyl] hydrochloride (1:?);
Guanidine,N,N”’-1,6-hexanediylbis[N’-cyano-,polymer with 1,6-hexanediamine, hydrochloride;
N,N”’-1,6-Hexanediylbis(N’-cyanoguanidine),hexamethylenediamine polymer, hydrochloride;

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