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Alkyl Glycosides APGs

AlkylPolyGlycosides (APGs) are compounds synthesised from glucose and fatty alcohols.

APG0810 has between 8 and 10 carbon atoms in its molecular structure, whereas APG1214 may contain more carbon atoms in its molecular structure, resulting in a relatively high viscosity.

APG0810 is more permeable and is usually used more in industrial applications.
APG1214, in contrast, is milder and more often used in household detergents.
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For daily chemical, we can provide APG made from renewable plant materials, non-toxic, mild, non-irritant, completely biodegradable, green surfactant.

Technical data:

APG-0810APG – 1214APG-0814
CAS Number68515-73-1110615-47-968515-73-1
& 110615-47-9
EC Number500-220-1500-395-4
Appearance(25 °C)Transparent to yellowish liquidTransparent to yellowish liquid or pasteTransparent to yellowish liquid
Solid Content [wt%]50~705050
pH Value7 min.7 min.7 min.
Color [Hazen]50 max.50 max.50 max.
Free Fatty Alcohol [%]1 max.1 max.1 max.
Sulfate Ash [wt%]3 max.3 max.3 max.
Viscosity [mPa.s]200 min. (20°C)1500 min. (40°C )1000 min. (20°C )
we provide different solid content & pH products, according to customers’ requirements.

They have the following performance characteristics:

  • Good compounding performance, able to compound with various ionic and non-ionic surfactants to produce synergistic effect.
  • Good foaming property, rich and delicate foam.
  • Good solubility, resistant to strong alkalis and electrolytes.
  • Thickening ability, good compatibility with skin, can significantly improve the mildness of the formulation.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and readily biodegradable.

Package and storage:
120kg/220kg per plastic drum; IBC tank.
Store in a cool and ventilated shade place indoors, storage period of 12 months.

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