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Water Treatment

Used in circulating cooling water, oilfield, etc.

Chelating Agents

Used in water treatment, auxiliaries, etc.

Flame Retardants

Used in plastic, construction, floam, fiber, etc.

Tag: EDTA-2Na

  • Comparison of MGDA, GLDA, ASDA and EDTA

    Comparison of MGDA, GLDA, ASDA and EDTA

    MGDA, GLDA, ASDA and EDTA belong to amino carboxylic acid chelating agents with similar structure. MGDA: Alanine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt; Methylglycine N,N-diAcetic acid, trisodium salt;GLDA: L-Glutamic acid, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, sodium salt (1:4); Glutamic acid N,N-diAcetic acid tetrasodium salt;ASDA: Aspartic acid, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, tetrasodium salt; L-aspartic acid N, N-diAcetic acid tetrasodium salt; EDTA: Glycine, N,N’-1,2-ethanediylbis[N-(carboxymethyl)-;Ethylene diamine tetraAcetic acid;…

  • EDTA-Na


    EDTA sodium salt are easily soluble in water. EDTA-2Na, CAS 6381-92-6; EDTA-4Na, CAS 13235-36-4; EDTA Acid (CAS#60-00-4) is insoluble in cold water. Complexing and sequestering agents: DTPA, GLDA, MGDA, HEDP, EDDS, etc.