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Water Treatment

Used in circulating cooling water, oilfield, etc.

Chelating Agents

Used in water treatment, auxiliaries, etc.


Used in water treatment, daily chemicals, etc.

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  • EDTA-K


    EDTA-2K, CAS# 2001-94-7; EDTA-3K, CAS# 17572-97-3. Sequestering, complexing and chelating agents. Liquid products, used in oilfields, etc.

  • Chelated fertilizer, Soil Conditioner

    Chelated fertilizer, Soil Conditioner

    Chelating agents are widely used in chelated fertilizers in hydroponics, soilless culture, fertigation, foliage dressing, etc. EDTA chelates, DTPA chelated iron, HEDP (Etidronic acid), ATMP are used for chelating metal nutritions for crop. Chelating agents are widely used in water treatment chemicals, softeners, scale inhibitor, iron control, textiles aids, oilfield/oil drilling chemicals, etc. Potassium polyaspartate,…

  • Acetoxime


    Acetone oxime; Acetoxime CAS No. 127-06-0 Synomyms:propan-2-one oxime;2-Propanone oxime;N-propan-2-ylidenehydroxylamine; Acetone oxime is a ketoxime. It is usually used as oxygen scavenger, passivator in water treatment chemicals. Uses: Appearance White flake or powdery crystal Content [wt%] Min. 99 Water content [wt%] Max. 0.25 Residue on ignition [wt%] Max. 0.01 technical data of Acetoxime, CAS# 127-06-0 Package:25kg…

  • Alkyl Glycosides APGs

    Alkyl Glycosides APGs

    AlkylPolyGlycosides (APGs) are compounds synthesised from glucose and fatty alcohols. APG0810 has between 8 and 10 carbon atoms in its molecular structure, whereas APG1214 may contain more carbon atoms in its molecular structure, resulting in a relatively high viscosity. APG0810 is more permeable and is usually used more in industrial applications.APG1214, in contrast, is milder…

  • Admixtures for concrete

    Many water treatment chemicals are used in admixtures for concrete, such as chelating agents, polymeric dispersants, biocides, etc. ISO 19596-2017Admixtures for concrete 3.2 Specific definitions3.2.1 admixtures for concretematerial added during the mixing process of concrete in a quantity not more than 5 % by mass of the cement content of the concrete, to modify the…

  • Potassium polyaspartate

    Potassium polyaspartate

    CAS No.: 64723-18-8; Potassium polyaspartate is potassium salt of polyaspartic acid. It is used as fertilizer synergist in agriculture, stabiliser against tartrate crystal precipitation (anti-scaling additive) in wine.