Acetone oxime; Acetoxime, structure, CAS No. 127-06-0
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Acetone oxime; Acetoxime

CAS No. 127-06-0

propan-2-one oxime;
2-Propanone oxime;

Acetone oxime is a ketoxime. It is usually used as oxygen scavenger, passivator in water treatment chemicals.


  1. Chemical deoxidant/deoxidiser/deaerator for feedwater.
    Oxygen removal effect is the same as hydrazine, and the toxicity is greatly reduced.
  2. Protecting / protective agent for thermal equipment shutdown.
    Because of its good reducibility, its aqueous solution can form a good magnetic oxide film on the surface of steel, effectively delaying the corrosion of thermal equipment out of service.
  3. Passivation effect (corrosion protection / inhibitor).
    Use this product instead of toxic reagent sodium nitrite, hydrazine as passivator for thermal equipment after pickling, small pollution, good film quality.
  4. diesel fuel primer, intermediate (organic synthesis).
AppearanceWhite flake or powdery crystal
Content [wt%]Min. 99
Water content [wt%]Max. 0.25
Residue on ignition [wt%]Max. 0.01
technical data of Acetoxime, CAS# 127-06-0

25kg or 30kg per cardboard drum.

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