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Water Treatment

Used in circulating cooling water, oilfield, etc.

Chelating Agents

Used in water treatment, auxiliaries, etc.


Used in water treatment, daily chemicals, etc.

Category: Green Chelating Agents

  • Hydroxy-IDS


    Tetrasodium hydroxy-iminodisuccinate; Na4HIDS CAS Number: 141656-02-2;Synonyms:Aspartic acid, N-(1,2-dicarboxyethyl)-3-hydroxy-, tetrasodium salt;Aspartic acid, N-[(1S)-1,2-dicarboxyethyl]-3-hydroxy-, sodium salt (1:4);3-hydroxy-2,2′-iminodisuccinic acid tetrasodium salt; HIDS;190195-65-4; Tetrasodium Hydroxy-IminoDiSuccinate, abbreviated as Na4HIDS, is a non-phosphorus degradable chelating/complexing agent (sequestrant, sequestering agent). Na4HIDS can effectively chelate metal ions such as iron and copper, and hard water ions such as calcium and magnesium over a…

  • Chelating capacity and stability

    Chelating capacity and stability

    Stability constants (logK values) – in active pH range Metal ion EDTA DTPA GLDA MGDA IDS Al3+ 16.4 18.6 12.2 7.7 14.1 Ba2+ 7.8 8.6 3.5 4.8 3.4 Ca2+ 10.7 10.7 6.4 7 5.2 Cd2+ 16.5 18.9 9.1 10.6 8.4 Co2+ 16.5 18.8 10.0 11.1 10.5 Cu2+ 18.8 21.2 13.1 13.9 13.1 Fe2+ 14.3 16.5 8.7…

  • IDS


    CAS Number: 144538-83-0; Molecular formula: C8H7NO8Na4; IDS-Na4 is a non-phosphorus, biodegradable chelating agent. Good chelating property to copper and iron ions.

  • Sodium Glucoheptonate

    Sodium Glucoheptonate

    CAS No.: 31138-65-5; 10094-62-9. Green Chelating Agent, specially under alkaline condition, for metal and glass surface cleaning agents. Sodium glucoheptanoate has better complexing effect under alkaline condition. This product is widely used in metal surface cleaning, food packaging glass bottle cleaning, concrete admixture, and other industries.

  • GLDA


    CAS No.: 51981-21-6 Chemical formula: C8H7NO8.4Na; GLDA is an environmentally friendly chelating agent, biodegradable, phosphorus-free and cyanide-free.

  • ASDA


    ASDA-Na4; CAS No.: 34612-80-1; Molecular formula: C8H7NO8Na4; Synonym: Tetrasodium dicarboxymethyl aspartate; L-aspartic acid N, N-diacetic acid tetrasodium salt; ASDA is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly chelating agent.

  • EDDS


    CAS No.: 178949-82-1; EDDS is a green Phosphorus-free degradable chelating agent; high selectivity for Cu and Fe ions;

  • MGDA


    Green Chelating Agent, MGDA. CAS No.: 164462-16-2; EC Number: 423-270-5; Chemical formula: C7H8NO6.Na3; MGDA is an environmentally friendly small molecule chelating agent, similar in structure to NTA, easily biodegradable and phosphorus-free.