chemical strcture of ASDA-Na


L-aspartic acid N, N-diacetic acid tetrasodium salt;

CAS No.: 34612-80-1;
Molecular formula: C8H7NO8Na4;

Tetrasodium dicarboxymethyl aspartate;
Tetrasodium N,N-bis(carboxylatomethyl)-L-aspartate;

ASDA is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly chelating agent.
ASDA has a wide range of application and can be used to replace traditional chelating agents such as phosphonates and EDTA, etc.

Chelating agent ASDA is mainly used in various water treatment fields, cleaning agents, detergents, pulp and paper auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, daily chemical products, personal toiletries, gypsum and concrete retarder, etc.

Technical Data
Appearance: light yellow clear liquid
Solid content: ≥56%
pH value: ≥8.5
Density(20℃): ≥1.20 g/cm3

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Package and storage
Packed in plastic barrels, net weight 25kg, 250kg, 1250kg, etc., packaging can be customized according to user needs.
Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid mixing with acidic and odorous goods, and prevent from exposure to sun and rain.

Safety protection
Alkaline, pay attention to labor protection when operating, avoid contact with skin, eyes, etc., and flush with plenty of water after contact.

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