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Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) and pentasodium salt (DTPA-5Na)
DTPA acid, CAS No. 67-43-6; EC# 200-652-8;
DTPA penta sodium (DTPA-5Na), CAS No. 140-01-2
; EC# 205-391-3;
DTPA penta potassium(DTPA-5K), CAS No. 7216-95-7;

Synonyms (DTPA):
N-carboxymethyliminobis(ethylenenitrilo)tetra(acetic acid);
Glycine, N,N-bis[2-[bis(carboxymethyl)amino]ethyl]-;

DTPA & pentasodium DTPA are aminopolycarboxylates chelating agent, complexing agent, sequestering agent/sequestrant, iron control agent (iron exchange agent).


  • DTPA Acid is white crystal solid, soluble in hot water and alkaline solution.
    slightly soluble in water, solubility in water (20 ℃), 5g/l, insoluble in organic solvents such as alcohol and ether. Melting point 230 ℃ (decomposition).
  • DTPA-5Na is solution, a yellow or light yellow transparent alkaline liquid, soluble in water.

DTPA and DTPA-Na5 can quickly generate water-soluble complexes with calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper, manganese and other metal ions. They have strong complexing ability for the chromogenic color-emitting metal ions.


DTPA and DTPA-5Na are widely used in hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizer, water softener, textile auxiliaries, daily chemical industry, cleaning agent, detergent, cosmetics, pulp and paper making, oilfield chemicals, etc.

First, chelating agents (also known as complexing agents, sequestering agents) can reduce the adverse effects of metal ions by capturing and controlling the metal ions and forming stable, water-soluble complexation products.

Three examples are as follows:

  1. By complexing hard water ions (such as calcium and magnesium) to form water-soluble products to achieve descaling or scale inhibition.
  2. Complexing iron and copper ions to reduce the coloration of iron/copper and other metal ions.
  3. Reduce the catalytic oxidative deterioration of iron and copper ions.
    For example, as peroxide stabilizers such as hydrogen peroxide bleach.
  4. DTPA is used in BaSO4 and SrSO4 scale removal, iron control chelates in oilfield.

Secondly, chelating agent can be used as metal carrier to improve the favorable effect of metal ions.
For example, DTPA-Fe chelated Iron in agriculture, iron fortified food, iron ion carrier in gas desulfurization.

Technical Data:

DTPA AcidDTPA-5Na 40% DTPA-5Na 50%
CAS No.67-43-6140-01-2140-01-2
Molecular FormulaC14H23N3O10C14H18N3O10Na5C14H18N3O10Na5
Molecular weightM=393.35M=503.25M=503.25
AppearanceWhite crystalline powderYellow or light yellow clarified liquidYellow or light yellow clarified liquid
Content % ≥994050
Chelation value (mgCaCO3/g) ≥2528099
Chloride (as CL) % ≤0.010.0050.005
Sulfate (as SO4) % ≤0.050.0050.005
Heavy metal(Pb) ≤0.0010.00050.0005
pH value (1% aqueous solution, 25℃)2.1-2.511.0-12.511.0-12.5
Specific gravity kg/m3——–1.25-1.351.30-1.40
DTPA acid & pentasodium DTPA

Traditonal Chelating Agents:
Aminopolycarboxylates: EDTA, EDTA-Na, DTPA & DTPA-5Na
Polyphosphonates: HEDP, DTPMP

Green Chelating Agents (biodegradable, phosphorus-free):

Specific description of some applications:

Oilfield barium sulfate/strontium scale remover.

Pulp and paper making industry, pulp bleaching and decolorization:
DTPA is usually used as bleaching stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide, it has obvious synergistic and stabilizing effects: in addition, DTPA chelate (complexing, sequestering) multivalent chromophore metal ions, so that chromophore metal ions become colorless water-soluble complexes, thus improving the whiteness of the pulp.
DTPA is used in waste paper deinking process, DTPA and deinking agent are added at the same time when pulping, and the dosage per ton of dry waste paper is generally 1-2 kg.

Textile auxiliaries, sequestering agent in pretreat & dyeing:
DTPA eliminates the effect of metal ions on the coloring of dyes in the system through complexation (chelation), so as not to cause color deviation and color stability, and meets the requirements of printing and dyeing.
The dosage depends on the type and content of metal ions in the system, and based on experiment.
DTPA is used as a hydrogen peroxide decomposition inhibitor & stabilizer in textile bleaching.

DTPA acid powder: 25kg per bag.
DTPA 5Na Liquid: 250kg/drum.
Or according to customer’s requirements.

Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid mixing with acidic and odorous goods, and prevent from exposure to sun and rain.

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