AminoTri(Methylene Phosphonic acid); ATMP

CAS No.: 6419-19-8;
EC No.: 229-146-5;

Phosphonic acid, (nitrilotris(methylene))tris-;
Nitrilotrimethylenetris(phosphonic acid);
Phosphonic acid, P,P’,P”-[nitrilotris(methylene)]tris-;
Aminotri(methylenephosphonic acid)

ATMP has good chelating, inhibition effects. It can prevent scale-forming salts in water, especially calcium carbonate scale. ATMP is stable in water, has good corrosion inhibition when compounded with zinc and phosphate water treatment chemicals.

Cooling water treatment, boiler treatment, I&I Cleaners (industrial and institutional cleaning), metal ion control, oilfield, etc.
ATMP is used as metal ion sequestering agent in the textiles and metal surface treatment industry, and can be used as concrete plasticiser retarder in the building materials industry, and so on.

ATMP solid is easy to transport and use, especially suitable for winter cold area, solid and tablets formulations.

We provide ATMP sodium salts, ATMP-Na too.

Technical Data:

AbbreviationATMP LiquidATMP Solid
AppearanceColorless to pale yellow transparant liquidWhite crystalline solid
Active content (as ATMP) [%]50 min.90 min.
Phosphoric acid, as PO43- [%]1 max.0.8 max.
Phosphorous Acid, as PO33- [%]3.5 max.4 max.
chloride, as Cl [%]2 max.1 max.
pH, 10g/L, 1% water solution2.0 max.2.0 max.
Density, 20℃ [g/cm3]1.3 min.
Iron, as Fe [ppm]20 max.20 max.
ATMP Acid, CAS No.: 6419-19-8

25KG/250KG per drum, 1250 per IBC tank.
For solid ATMP, 25KG per bag.

Traditonal Chelating Agents
Aminopolycarboxylates: EDTA acid, EDTA-Na/K, DTPA & DTPA-5Na/5K
Polyphosphonates: HEDP, DTPMP, ATMP

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