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Sodium Polyaspartate

CAS No.: 34345-47-6, 94525-01-6, 181828-06-8 
Molecular weight: 3000-5000;
L-Aspartic acid,homopolymer,sodium salt (CAS# 34345-47-6);
Aspartic acid,homopolymer,sodium salt (CAS# 94525-01-6);
2-Butenedioic acid (Z)-, ammonium salt, homopolymer,hydrolyzed, sodium salts (CAS# 181828-06-8);
Polyaspartic Acid Sodium Salt; PASP-Na;
Related chemical: L-Aspartic acid, homopolymer (CAS# 25608-40-6, without sodium salt);

Related product:
Potassium Polyaspartate (CAS# 64723-18-8)

Sodium Polyaspartate is biodegradable non-phosphorus polymer, as chelating agent, dispersant and scale inhibitor, used in water treatment, detergents, polymer viscosity reducer, agriculture, ect.

Polysuccinimide (PSI) is a water-insoluble, light yellow powder that is a hydrolyzed precursor to polyaspartic acid salts, and can be used in a variety of areas of polyaspartic acid applications as a slow-release type product.

Sodium polyaspartate and polysuccinimide are often used in low-phosphorus or non-phosphorus products in water treatment chemicals.


  • As a phosphorus-free biodegradable chelating agent and dispersant, sodium polyaspartate can used as water treatment chemical, to chelate metal ions, especially change the crystal structure of calcium salts to form soft scale.
    PASP-Na is used in the fields of seawater desalination, oil field water, RO (Reverse Osmosis) scale inhibitor, industrial circulating water, boiler and steam lines and so on.
  • Sodium polyaspartate is also used in detergents, pigment dispersants, oilfield drilling fluid viscosity reducer, coal mine polymer viscosity reducer, , metal cutting fluids, ceramic, pulp and papermaking chemicals, textile printing and dyeing dispersant, agriculture, ect.

Technical Data:

Product NamePASP-Na 40%PASP-Na solid
Delivery Formsolutionsolid
Appearanceyellow to brown liquidyellow to brown powder
Solid component [% w/w]≥40≥92
pH-Value 10% solution8.5 to 11.08.5 to 11.0
Density at 20°C [g/ml]≥1.2– – –
Bulk Density [kg/Liter]– – –≥0.3
Sodium Polyaspartate

Routes for synthesizing:
There are two common process routes for synthesizing salts of polyaspartic acid. First route, food grade aspartic acid is used as the main raw material. This route was chosen for food grade potassium polyaspartate.
Second, maleic anhydride is used as the main raw material. Water treatment grade product is usually produced by this method.

Ralated Chelating Agents:
usually used as scale inhibitor, cleaner, metal ions control, etc.

Green Chelating Agents:

Traditonal Chelating Agents:
Aminopolycarboxylates: EDTA, EDTA-Na/K, DTPA & DTPA-5Na/5K
Polyphosphonates: HEDP, DTPMP, ATMP

Package and storage:
25kg or 30kg per plastic drum; 250kg per plastic drum; 1250kg per IBC.
20kg or 25kg per bag for powder PASP.

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