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Water Treatment

Used in circulating cooling water, oilfield, etc.

Chelating Agents

Used in water treatment, auxiliaries, etc.


Used in water treatment, daily chemicals, etc.

Category: Chlorinated Phosphate FRs



    CAS No.: 13674-87-8; EC No.: 237-159-2; TDCPP is classified as trialkyl chlorinated organophosphorus flame retardant (OPFR) compound. TDCPP has high flame retardant efficiency, low volatility, good oil resistance and good hydrolysis resistance.

  • TCPP


    CAS No.: 13674-84-5; EC No.: 237-158-7; TCPP is a phosphate ester combining phosphorus and chlorine, so it has excellent flame retardant and plasticizing properties for plastic and rubber products.