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Chelated fertilizer, Soil Conditioner

Chelating agents are widely used in chelated fertilizers in hydroponics, soilless culture, fertigation, foliage dressing, etc.

EDTA chelates, DTPA chelated iron, HEDP (Etidronic acid), ATMP are used for chelating metal nutritions for crop.

Chelating agents are widely used in water treatment chemicals, softeners, scale inhibitor, iron control, textiles aids, oilfield/oil drilling chemicals, etc.

Potassium polyaspartate, HPMA are used in reclamation of saline-alkali soil.
Potassium polyaspartate is used as fertiliser synergist too.

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EDTA-FeNa2about 13% iron
EDTA-ZnNa2about 15% zinc
EDTA-CuNa2about 15% copper
EDTA-MnNa2about 13% manganese
EDTA-CaNa2about 10% calcium
EDTA-MgNa2about 6% magnesium
EDTA chelates, solid products
ProductsChelated ironpH (1% solution)
DTPA-FeHNa [solid]11% min.2 to 4
DTPA-Fe(NH4)2 [liquid]6% min.7 to 8
DTPA chelated iron

Ortho-Ortho Value: 1.2-4.8%;
pH(1% solution): 7 to 9;
Appearance: Dark red to black granules or powder;

Related Chelating Agents

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Traditonal Chelating Agents
Aminopolycarboxylates: EDTA acid, EDTA-Na/K, DTPA & DTPA-5Na/5K
Polyphosphonates: HEDP, DTPMP, ATMP


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