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Potassium polyaspartate

O poliaspartato de potássio é usado como estabilizador de grau alimentício contra a precipitação de cristais de tartarato no vinho, aditivo anticalcário, dispersante polimérico e sinergista de fertilizantes na agricultura.

CAS No.: 64723-18-8
Polymer of potassium L-aspartate;
L-Aspartic acid, homopolymer, potassium salt;
Polyaspartic acid potassium salt; KPA;

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Potassium polyaspartate is potassium salt of polyaspartic acid.
K-polyaspartate is used as food grade stabiliser against tartrate crystal precipitation in wine, anti-scaling additive, polymeric dispersant, fertilizer synergist in agriculture.

Technical Data:

CAS number64723-18-8
Chemical nameL-aspartic acid, homopolymer, potassium salt
AssayNot less than 98 % on dry weight basis
Particle sizeNot less than 45 μm (not more than 1 % in weight of particles of less than 45 μm)
DescriptionA light brown odourless powder
SolubilityVery soluble in water and slightly soluble in organic solvents
pH7,5-8,5 (40 % aqueous solution)
Loss on dryingNot more than 11 % (105°C,12 hours)
Potassium hydroxideNot more than 2 %
Aspartic acidNot more than 1 %
Other impuritiesNot more than 0,1 %
Arsenic (As)Not more than 2,5 mg/kg
Lead (Pb)Not more than 1,5 mg/kg
Mercury (Hg)Not more than 0,5 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd)Not more than 0,1 mg/kg
Food grade Potassium polyaspartate only.

Synthesis routes:
There are two common process routes for synthesizing salts of polyaspartic acid.

  • First method, food grade L-aspartic acid is used as the main raw material. This route was chosen for food grade potassium polyaspartate.
  • The other method, maleic anhydride is used as the main raw material. Water treatment grade product is usually produced by this method.

In agriculture, Potassium polyaspartate can be used as anti scale deposit and dispersant in irrigation system, and raw material for saline soil improver, fertilizer potentiator. Potassium polyaspartate can promote root growth and enhance stress resistance.
Potassium polyaspartate 45% solution is usually used in agriculture.

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