MGDA, CAS# 164462-16-2


CAS No.: 164462-16-2;
EC Number: 423-270-5;
Chemical formula: C7H8NO6.Na3; C7H11NO6.3Na;
INCI name: Trisodium Dicarboxymethyl Alaninate

Nama Kimia:
Alanine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, trisodium salt;
2-Aminopropionic acid, N,N-dicarboxymethyl-, trisodium salt;
Trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid;
MethylGlycine N,N-Diacetic acid, trisodium salt;

MGDA adalah agen pengkelat, yang strukturnya mirip dengan NTA.
MGDA mudah terurai secara hayati dan bebas fosfor. Alanine adalah salah satu bahan baku alaminya.
Agen pengkelat juga disebut agen pengompleks, sekuestran (agen penyerap). Mereka banyak digunakan dalam deterjen, bahan pencuci, bahan kimia pengolahan air, alat bantu tekstil, dll.

ItemsMGDA 80% solidMGDA 40% solution
Appearanceslightly yellow granulescolorless to light yellow liquid
SolubilitySoluble in waterSoluble in water
pH-Value at 25℃( 10g/Liter)10.0 to 12.08.5 min.
Content of NTA [%]Max. 0.2
MGDA 3Na, CAS# 164462-16-2

Produk terkait

Traditonal Chelating Agents
Aminopolycarboxylates: EDTA acid, EDTA-Na/K, DTPA & DTPA-5Na/5K
Polyphosphonates: HEDP, DTPMP, ATMP

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MGDA is an environmentally friendly small molecule chelating agent, similar in structure to NTA, easily biodegradable and phosphorus-free.
Alanine is one of its natural raw materials.
Chelating agents are also called sequestrants (sequestering agents), complexing agents. They are widely used in detergents, washing agents, water treatment chemicals, textile aids, etc.


  1. Stability in acidic and strongly alkaline environments.
    Under acidic pH conditions, MGDA is more stable (less likely to crystallise) compared to other aminocarboxylic acids, and still able to effective complexing iron ions in the pH range of 2 to 3.
    Under alkaline conditions, MGDA is effective in chelating calcium without precipitation in high concentrations of sodium hydroxide. It is widely used in all kinds of washing and cleaning formulations.
  2. Stability in high temperature environments.
    200℃ (even close to 300℃), still maintains stability.
  3. MGDA can be used to prevent and remove calcium phosphate, soap scum (calcium stearate, calcium oleate), calcium oxalate and other inorganic and organic dirt.
  4. MGDA is used as a stabilizer for peroxide bleaching.
    MGDA can chelate iron, copper, manganese and other metal ions that catalyze the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.
    It can replace the traditional aminocarboxylic acid chelating agent which is not easy to be degraded such as DTPA, EDTA, or phosphate chelating agent such as DTPMP.

Application fields:
Detergents, bleaching stabilizers, descaling cleaner and scale inhibitors, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, metal surface treatment, electroplating, oilfield, pulp and paper making, water softening, etc.

Package and storage
25kg or 30kg per plastic drum;
125kg, or 250kg per plastic drum;
1250kg per IBC.
Store in a cool and ventilated place indoors, moisture-proof, storage period of 12 months.

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