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Alkyl diproplene triamine

CAS No.: 2372-82-9;
EC No.: 219-145-8;

Chemical names:
Dodecyl Dipropylene Triamine;
1,3-Propanediamine, N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecyl-;
1,3-Propanediamine, N1-(3-aminopropyl)-N1-dodecyl-;

Alkyl diproplene triamine is used as antimicrobial, dispersant, intermediate, etc.


  • Good compatibility, compatible with most of anionic, non-ionic and cationic surfactants;
  • The foam is lower than the quaternary ammonium salt type fungicide;
  • It has the properties of color protection/color crosstalk prevention.
  • Mite control, mite repellent.

Technical data:

Content: 97% to 99%;
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid;
Color(APHA): max. 100;
Total amine value: 524 to 561;
Moisture: max. 1.5%;


170KGS per drum.

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