flame retardant RDP-structure


Tetraphenyl m-phenylene bis(phosphate);
Resorcinol bis(Diphenyl Phosphate), RDP;

CAS No.: 57583-54-7;
EC No.: 260-830-6;
Molecular formula: C30H24O8P2;
Resorcinol bis(Diphenyl Phosphate), RDP;
Resorcinol bisdiphenylphosphate;
Phosphoric acid, 1,3-phenylenetetraphenyl ester;
Tetraphenyl m-phenylene bis(phosphate);
Phosphoric acid, P,P’-1,3-phenylene P,P,P’,P’-tetraphenyl ester;
Phosphoric acid, 1,3-phenylene tetraphenyl ester;

RDP is a non-halogen Flame Retardant (FRs) with low viscosity, good thermal stability and low volatility.
As a low polymerization phosphate flame retardant, RDP has good low volatility, low viscosity and thermal stability during production and application, and meets the processing requirements of most plastic products, engineering plastics and synthetic fiber.

RDP is suitable for various plastics processing, such as PPO (PPE), polyphenylene ether alloy, PC/ABS, terephthalate based polymers (PET, PBT).

Technical data:
Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid
Color(APHA): ≤80
Acid value (mg KOH/g): ≤0.1
Viscosity(25°C,mPa.S): 500-800
Density(25°C, g/cm3): 1.3-1.4

250 kg per Drum

Other CAS number:
CAS No.: 125997-21-9
Phosphoric trichloride, polymer with 1,3-benzenediol, phenylester

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