flame retardant melamine-phosphate-structure


Melamine PolyPhosphate(MPP)

CAS No.: 218768-84-4;
Formula: (C3H8N6)n(HPO3)m; C3H7N6O3P)n;
1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine, polyphosphate;
1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine is chemical name of Melamine.

Other melamine-based nitrogen Flame Retardants:

Melamine PolyPhosphate (MPP) is halogen-free nitrogen-phosphorus intumescent flame retardant, suitable for processing substrates with high temperature requirements. Its nitrogen is from melamine (triazine-based).
MPP is suitable for fireproof coating, PBT, PET, epoxy resins, polyamide, etc. It is especially suitable for flame retardant glass fibre reinforced PA66.


  1. Environmental. Halogen-free, nitrogen-phosphorus intumescent flame retardant.
  2. Good thermal stability, easy to produce and process plastic products. Decomposition temperature >350°C, processing temperature can reach 300°C.
  3. Small fuming, low smoke production, low density of smoke produced..
  4. Small water solubility, no moisture absorption.

Technical Data:
Appearance:White powder
Nitrogen content: 39%~43.5%
Phosphorus content: 12%~15%
Moisture: ≤0.5
Particle size (D50): ≤5μm

Flame retardant mechanisms:

  1. Melamine decomposition, needs to absorb heat from the polymer to reduce the surface temperature of the substrate. Decomposition temperature of Melamine salts is high.
  2. MPP (containing nitrogen) release inert gases, these non-flammable gases can dilute oxygen, reducing the concentration of combustible gases.
  3. Nitrogen-phosphorus synergist.
    Phosphorus promote char-forming, Nitogen release inert gases which will promote the foaming and expansion of the carbonised char layer, so it can prevent the convection of heat and outside oxygen.

Package and transport:
20kg or 25kg bags.
General Chemical (non-dangerous) for transport.

Phosphate Flame Retardants (FRs):
>>Halogen-free Aromatic PolyPhosphate FRs:
For Engineering plastics (e.g. PC/ABS alloys, PC, ABS, modified PPE), etc.
>>Halogenated Chlorinated Phosphate FRs:
For Polyurethanes (e.g. flexible and rigid PUR foams), etc.
>>Melamine-based nitrogen-phosphorus FRs:
Melamine Phosphate -MP
Melamine PolyPhosphate -MPP

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